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Step by Step - Issue #4

Kiran Johns
Kiran Johns
Hi there, this is Kiran with your latest edition of Step by Step packed with resources, opportunities and career advice curated just for you!

I started reading this new book titled Working Backwards. It’s a breakdown of Amazon’s leadership principles, best practices and culture. Amazon has 16 leadership principles that they strive to achieve so that they can become the best at what they do
Amazon's Leadership Principles
Amazon’s leadership principles exist at an organizational level, and I took some time to work on a few principles that can be applied to your life to achieve personal growth.
Kiran ✨
Amazon's Leadership Principles talk about how your business can achieve success! ✨💯

But a lot of these can be applied to your life to achieve personal growth ⭐

Here's my version inspired from Amazon's principles that can help you succeed as a person👇👇
In other news I found this cool website to create presentations
Here are some opportunites that I found for you
UX Designer Full Time Opportunity at Microsoft
see ya!
see ya!
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Kiran Johns
Kiran Johns @thetronjohnson

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