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Step by Step - Issue #5

Kiran Johns
Kiran Johns
Hey, this is Kiran, back with loads of opportunities, learning resources and tips to help you succeed in tech!

Let's fetch you some career opportunities!
Y Combinator Internship Program, Summer 2022 | Y Combinator's Work at a Startup
How to find what you love doing!
I’ve been asked a lot on why I’m working towards a career in product management instead of the software engineering route. Mid 2020 I took some time off to analyse my skills, interests and passion. Software engineering is not the only route you can take if you’re a CS undergrad, there are tons of choices for you to explore!
Here’s a twitter thread on how you can find what you love doing, this is how I figured out my path, and this might not work for you the way it did for me. But it’ll help you get a sense of what you can do to figure out your path!
Kiran ✨
How to find what you love doing in life? This is a question that I hear a lot and here's what I think.
Hey, haaaave you met Airtable?
Airtable | Create apps that perfectly fit your team's needs
Airtable is another tool that I use to track my work, a database for my side projects and make forms too. I use airtable as a database for to fetch data. Airtable + Zapier can help you supercharge your static website and help you build and iterate your projects superfast!
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Kiran Johns
Kiran Johns @thetronjohnson

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